The priest, the bride and groom and the wedding photographer


To photograph a wedding ceremony is, to me, the best challenge of the day. If it is a civil ceremony I need to be very fast because I have only a few minutes to tell a very important part of the wedding day and, in this things, what is passed is really passed. Believe me, when I say that to photograph this kind of ceremony we need more adrenaline than a football player at the moment of the penalty when his kick decides which one wins or loses the trophy.

But let’s talk about the other one, in the church. More time to decide and, most of the time, in spaces that are screaming just photograph me from every place, angle, and perspective and…the priest show that sign, very polite, and photos no more. My world just fall at my feet, my only reason to be there just died at that moment ( believe me, it was not the contract) and my vanity, as a wedding photographer, was washed by humiliation but Mr. Priest they only have this day you are a very bad person and, well… I just put my back against the wall and see all the moments I am losing. Not good.

Well, I understand and respect the place and the importance of the ceremony but you, Mr. Priest, you also must see that this moment will never repeat and my photos will make them remember this very expected moment and imagine them, very old sit down in a, also, old chair looking to my photos and remembering today.  Are you that so hard person that allowed this will not to happen? And your church is so beautiful, ah… and they will have some photos from you too, also.

Humm! We can not discuss with the priest, just think that you do it, first just because and second I am sure that it was the short way to the street and wait for the end of the ceremony. Instead, we can smuggle some photos like the kid that can not touch the chocolate but…changing lens, hidden by the altar flowers, very smooth on knees down behind the pillar wishing that all the saints present in the church will be on my side and…it is finished.

Please do not think that it is the rule. It is not. The great majority of the priests know that it is a joyful day and the ceremony is more a celebration of love and commitment. And that annoying guy carrying cameras and lens just bring that beautiful moment to the future. Well…the annoying guy…you know… was this wedding photographer.

Texto e foto: Fernando Colaço


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