The respect for the subject in a wedding, by the photographer


Sharing moments. Because I am a very curious wedding photographer, sometimes, I ask myself what I can and what I can not photograph in a wedding. We may say that because I am there do photograph, it is my assigned mission, there are no limits to my job and everybody will accept my presence with my lens, always eager to write with light everything happening in the front of them, as if they where butterfly catcher nets.

But it is not like that. How many times I see myself pointing my best lens to a close up and feel that the subject realize that and feels uncomfortable. How many others… not me, I am not for photos. Move over your stuff because I can damage your beloved camera, or a polite way to say please, do not photograph me. The rolling around of the wedding photographers does not mean authorization at any circumstances.

That is why I try to be aware and never, even if it was the best photo of the day, bring someone with me that was no interested in my company, even in the form of a photo. I never forget that very young girl, in the second wedding I ever done, that during all day never let me to photograph her, and I tried a lot. At the end, when I was giving some rest to my cameras inside their sleeping bag, I heard a voice…now, I want. It was a lesson that I never forgot. At the most small sign of discomfort, my lens learned to find another subject. That is what the wedding photographers call for what they want to photograph. I never forgot it.

Some photos of the gathering of the wedding at No Club Nau em Ferragudo, Portimão.

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