The rules for a good photography, even in weddings


It was long before I was a wedding photographer that I woke up to photography. I discover, after, that what the most fascinate me was the ability to harmonize inside the photos all the elements I needed to put inside and I was discovering everywhere.

The mysteries of the composition. One of the greats novelties that the so-called renaissance revolution brought was the care with composition. The painters were so revolutionaries that they invented machines to help them in the process of creation and how, and where, to put the elements in the canvas, whether in the plane of harmony or with perspective. One of those inventions gave rise to the photographic camera so widespread, and loved, in our days.

They outlined rules for the composition and, ahead, it was the most important factor to help the viewer to better percept, understand, and have more delight in the enjoyment of the work. That is why, even today, even the wedding photographer must respect those rules so that his work will have the same truth.

When I pick up my cameras and choose the lens I feel appropriate, to capture what I need, I know that I have to respect those rules, with more or less imagination, with more or less technical ability but, in the end, only the photos that respect them are able to resist the scrutiny of observation. I must say that, because I am a wedding photographer, it is a great help to practice, constantly, those rules. 

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