The search of the photo subject by the photographer in a wedding


Hands. Hands verifying if what must be well done, to deliver the groom to the altar waiting for his bride, it is and, also, his bride will have hands taking care of her. A hand that holds and lets to communicate. Hands, from the wedding photographer, not presents in the photo, that allowed the photo.

To me, that is the theme of this photo. Hands. Even if it is not his purposeful will, the wedding photographer is surprised all the time with hands that impose themselves in the rectangle, which will be a photo. Sometimes, when do not know what to do with them, there is no photo.

They, when caressing, put the wedding photographer in a run to be in time for the photo, when pointing they show the way to a photo, adjusting the last button of the coat they say to the groom that he is ready in a photo and, also a hand, can stop the photographer to that photo that never will be light inside his camera. That is why the wedding photographer must be aware and have special attention…to hands.

Black and white photo from a groom being helped to adjust the coat and shirt sleeve, just before the wedding ceremony.

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