Wedding couple, after the wedding ceremony in Quinta de Nossa Senhora da Serra, in the floodplain of Sintra, in the session with the wedding photographer in Sintra.

The secrets of the photo session


Wedding couple, after the wedding ceremony in Quinta de Nossa Senhora da Serra, in the floodplain of Sintra, in the session with the wedding photographer in Sintra.

Several times I wrote, here, about my great commitment and joy, about the photos with the couple on the wedding day. It was my first impulse when I decided to photograph weddings. In another post, I also wrote about my attraction to landscape photography, which is a great teacher for doing photography based on portraits.

Doing landscape photography we learn a lot about the great notions we need to photograph. Composition, balance, harmony, the proportion between light and shadow, shapes and vanishing points, and all other things we need to care about doing a photo. Also, the same as looking at one photo and learning to appreciate it.

People are, also, great landscapes and more complete if in a group. The way we need to know to find the best point of view of a landscape, the same is needed to approach a couple, in front of my camera, on their wedding day in the beautiful space chosen for the celebration. As a wedding photographer, I can fulfill that taste by photographing people. Especially on that great day.

My first inspiration is the cinema. Since the great melodramas from the 30/40 decades of the twentieth century the romanticism and the black and white image, the integration of chosen places to some classic compositions as the more modern cinema with motion sensation to join, in the photo, the emotions of the couple.

I always wish that the couple finds, in my photos, the recognition of what happened during their special day. That is the duty of the wedding photographer.

Couple posing for wedding photographer amidst square frame.
The newlywed couple laughs a lot at the photo session.
Bride and groom in a room at Convento do Espinheiro in Évora.
The bride and groom, after the wedding ceremony, are seated at the bar at Convento Espinheiro.
Bride leaning against groom, black hat in hand, under golden light in a room at Convento do Espinheiro.
Sitting on a motorcycle, the bride and groom celebrate their wedding.
Bride and groom facing each other, with a blurred background of garden plants at Quinta do Roseiral.
Bride and groom in the garden of Quinta do Roseiral in a photo session.
Bride sitting and groom very close to her in a small grove.
Bride and groom with their daughter playing in the background.
Groom and bride look at each other in black and white photograph.
Bride leaning against the groom bathed in the Sintra sun, at Quinta Nossa Senhora da Serra.
Leaves and branches of a tree frame the newlywed couple.
Wedding couple sitting in a wicker armchair at Quinta do Vale.
Bride, with bunch of flowers in hand, hugs her husband in the session with the wedding photographer.
Inside the woods in the Quinta do Vale garden, the newlyweds date after being married.
Portrait of the newlywed couple in the garden of Quinta Serra in Sintra.
Inside the woods of Quinta da Serra in Sintra, the bride and groom pose.
The bride and groom, after the wedding ceremony, through the frame of a window.
Grooms, with exotic plants behind, on the steps of the Palácio da Cruz Vermelha.
The bride and groom, during the photo session, say hello to their guests.
The wedding couple in a photo session, in the garden of Convento do Espinheiro.
Bride sitting on the benches by the pool at Convento do Espinheiro, with the bouquet in her hand.
Groom, affectionately, blows into his wife's eyes at the photo session at Convento do Espinheiro.

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