The session with the couple at a wedding or the photographer’s plans without plans


Scheduling. Usually a photographic session, in the various professional areas, has, before, a preparation that, once the session begins, the photographer only has to follow the scheduling done before. It is like that in fashion, pub and, even, sports photography.  But, today, wedding photography is very similar to that made by those photographers who chase after political events and social manifestations that we call photojournalism.

Even the session with the couple, is more relaxed, which is not subject to the flow of unpredictability and, the photographer and couple, may have some easy to adapt to the place, the wedding photographer can not, also, have a priori preparation he can follow.

Nothing like that. Even there, he must prepare himself to be fast in the study of the place, chosen for the session, seeing all the possibilities to achieve nice compositions with great backgrounds, how he will dress the bride and the groom with the surroundings and the traveling path trough the session to be a delight to everyone. That fast choice in a place, most of the time a surprise, is, also, a nice motivation and joy of a wedding photographer committed to what he does. With me, it is like that.

Some photos happened at Castelo do Alandroal near Quinta Pirâmides de S.Pedro where the wedding took place.

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