The simple photos of the wedding


Not always, photos from weddings are outstanding, full of life and movement. So many, the best of them, belong to the simple things, on the ride that someone did or brief looking eyes who knows too where. The wedding photographer must, also, give his attention to that.

When you slightly noticed there is a quiet gesture to a kiss before the kiss, when finding some lost looking eyes as if, suddenly, someone loses the reason of being there or just waiting some indications from the priest more or less inspired. Also, some ceremonial posture and seriousness from all that have a real reason to be there. Everything appeals to the wedding photographer.

Of course, the other bright moments are the main appeal of the wedding photographer asking for a faster reaction on his part, but, sometimes, with the fear of the priest, in the service, pointing his finger and stopping him to collect one more gesture with his camera. Sometimes it happens. I must say that in this ceremony, in the end, I was praised by the priest who saw in me an example of how “without refraining from doing his job he did it diligently and orderly”. Like that. And I was afraid that he would already find me abusing. How many more photos I could have done. 

Groom kissing the bride near the altar, in a large view of the Church.
Bride and groom, seated, near the altar listening the priest in the wedding ceremony.
Large view of the church with the couple in the front in the wedding ceremony.

To know better wedding examples.

Wedding ceremony photos from the Atouguia Church.

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