The special moment of the wedding


This is the moment for what everything flowed before and all the celebration after that. I could find several examples but Nelson defeated all the competitors with that smile, I will never forget it, completely full of feeling as if, at that moment, everything that mattered was to assure that yes to Sofia.

Beyond the best view, may be subject of the critic’s eye, a bold point of view, or the use of the more vanguardist lens it is, for this wedding photographer, more important the satisfaction of knowing that the shutter moment was…the right moment.

It is that energy that makes me move all day, as a flying butterfly without a map of the fly but following the happenings that will be impressed and will be viewed in the timeless of a time, that stubborn shade the memory of the things that were important to us. It is the obligation of the wedding photographer to make sure they stay.

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