The story inside a photo


A photo can only be a recollection of a real scene and transform it into a representation and nothing more. It can have that thing which brings to us the reason to have some beauty, or not, it can show us that reality without a doubt or a total transformation through all the tools the photographer have to convert, that same reality, in another representation not recognizable.

And we have those ones with people, those I like very much. I recognize that I am a bit of a peeker. Even if I try always to capture a moment the most beautiful and real I can I will never run away from the enigmatic side of the moment. I think that happens when we say that some photos tell a story. Which? Well, the best ones are those that bring to us our most speculative imagination.

Who is the conversation on the phone? What is been said to provoke that expression of some contentment and interpretation about what the other side is saying? What really is that smile about? Well, I know but I will not tell. Everyone who sees that photo will tell his own story. I only can say that those in the photo, mother and daughter bride, Mariana, did love the photo and laugh even more than in the scene itself, on that day just before the big yes.

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