The surprises of the photographer, at the wedding


Lesson learned. When a client tells me, let’s go to a place I know to photograph our session, the wedding photographer must pick up the bag with all lenses inside to take advantage of all possibilities he can find. It is about this session. When it was time to go to photograph, with Katerina and David, I was challenged and never crossed my mind what I was going to find.

The lens, available to the photographer, has each one, his own role. To the couple session, I choose, always, two of them that I feel, because the space conditions, will perform best for what I have in my mind. That is how, when I was taken up the mountain until a very old half abandoned monastery that, immediately to my eyes, was the best scenario possible to the session…and with fog, a lot.

If the wedding photographer paralyzed when noticed that the lens he brought were not the best to that space? No way. It is with the plow we have that the land is plowed. But, I must consider, here and there, the wish of dropping walls was not needed, if that one, left behind in the bag, was with me. That is true. But those things are the salt that season the difficulties and, in the end, everything comes to the right place. One day, I will be back with all the lenses, yes I will…

This photos were taken at Ruins of Convento dos Dominicanos at Serra de Montejunto in Cadaval. The wedding was at Quinta do Castro in Pragança.

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