The surprises of the photographer in a wedding


Sensation. Maybe because I am used to the need for a fast reaction when photographing a wedding, sometimes I am a little amazed when I review the photos when editing when I find one or another that I do not remember capturing. I do not know if this happens with other wedding photographers but, with me, it happens a lot.

This one was one of them. I remember being in the space, having choreographed others that are part of the collection, but this one I do not remember the moment or how I have done it. So, from now on, it is the fantasist wedding photographer describing and the other, the just wedding photographer, does not have any responsibility about the description. So, here we go:

One afternoon, the wedding photographer was explaining to the couple, at the end of the session and already looking forward to sitting at the table, the way to best seat down on a very old couch that seemed to be made for that photo and finishes the session. He noticed that it was a mirror and in that mirror were two characters and those characters were ready to a…well, you know what. In that glimpse, the wedding photographer brings the camera to his face, does a photo, and continues to show the best way to snuggle them on that very old couch made exactly for that photo. I am sure, it was so fast that my memory did not have time to hold it. Sometimes, it happens.

Noivos dentro de um espelho antigo sob luz amarela na sessão do casamento.

A wedding photography at Hotel Vila Galé Collection Palácio dos Arcos in Paço de Arcos, Oeiras.

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