The tunnel of love at weddings


The triumphal passage. It could be the new name of the corridor made by the guests to celebrate the couple after the ceremony. After the institutional formalities, where the couple join together in the union ritual, symbolic and real, they walk that inner street acclaimed  by the presents and, finally, ends the institutional part of the wedding day.

It is a moment that any wedding photographer like, but he have no control in the coming action. It is impossible to guess how it will be but all depends how the arounders behave, more effusive or more calm, more actives or more respectful, not invading the triumphal passage and let the photographer catch all the scene or, simply, just don’t care and invade in total feast and it was the glorious passage.

It may seem a problem, but it is not. That is why is a unique moment. The wedding photographer just need to find the best approach and bring with him what is his commitment. Until now, it worked all right.

Bride and groom, with the baby son on the lap, leaving the ceremony place.

Photo from a wedding at Club Nau at Praia Grande in Ferragudo, Portimão at Algarve.

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