The unexpected in wedding photography


I just love this. I am ready to do a photo more or less expectable e from the nothing appears a new element that changes everything and the expected photo it is no more. This is the great joy of wedding photojournalism. Capture the moments without interfering.

This moment of the wedding was in the move and some “marchinhas” was the trend. Some passages of change and passing through with hands in hands imagining the arch and the balloon and, suddenly, hey, what are you doing? Is this fun? May I? Wow, it is fun. Once more, knowing that it is just an ephemeral moment, that tiny nervously in the point of my fingers, especially the pointer with the task to trigger the camera, and wait, wait, wait more and…now. And it was. The little girl looks at the groom, her little finger point to some question we do not know what, and the photo become more…photo.

I recognize that this is not happening every time, but my curious eyes are always waiting and looking to point to the wedding photographer, to which they belong, that it is the moment and…when it is…it is.

Photographing the unexpected

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