The unforeseen on a wedding day

The moment I leave to my wedding day I try to go as a teacher told to the class before the exame, a few days ahed: go empty. And that is true. If my ahed is empty and I do not think about what I may found during the day, more space I have to recognize what is photographable and react at the exact expectation of the moment. Not think about it mean not imagine or anticipate something that still not happened and, for sure it will not happen. Cleaning my head let me recognize, better, what is really happening, do not compare with some imaginative expectation and be free to absorve what it is really in the front of me.

But, of course, there are lots of things that I can not drain out of my mind. I can not forget what my mind and my body, because my body with all parts of him also know how to photograph, have memory to help me to execute well, in the proper moment. This is the most important part that I must to charge with me: everything that aloud me to do photos until the moment before this wedding day. This memory is not always present in the front of my mind, but, by magic, every time it is needed here it is, the exact lesson for the necessary need. That, I need to carry with me in my empty head as my bag travel with my tools even if I do not see them inside, but necessary to carry on with my job.

But it is amazing what this empty head can do, for me, during a wedding day. She guide me in the long day, in the various places, groom home, bride, ceremony  and party place. Detecting potential photos, helping me what to choose, looking for the diferences, anticipating trajectories, etc. The weddings are all the same. I is true, in structure. But as everything that belong to the human nature and behavior the detail and the way to move can be completely different. So, to be aware for this differences I have that little voices that I do not hear but they must be there. When I select, late, all the photos I can see that help, it must be, because all the different moments where not in the front of me screaming loudly…hey…me…me…me.

Because I go with an empty head but with a memory always ready to fire alarm, as a fly detected by infra red ray, I show you this photo. My attention was for the girls carrying the rings. Suddenly, at the corner of the eye, I detected the groom lowing the face but I was not in the right place to wait and see. So, do not ask me how, I jumped to the left with the camera in my eye and just in time to trigger two photos, no more. One of them was this one. I am sure that it was not possible if I had a moment to think about. I did not, but I am certain that something done it for me. My empty head full of memory trials. What else? A full wedding photographer.


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