The wedding photographer improvise


By personality, I do not like things too much scheduled. Once upon a time, the day by day in my profession was looking for drawings and making photos. It needed to very look alike. It was with some interest because I needed to have the ability to light the lights, soft or hard, from the left or the right, mask reflections or make them bring the object of the photo, etc.

My problem was that did not leave not so much to my imagination and does not give me that space from the Portuguese nature: improvisation. Not so many works gave me the opportunity to see, react and resolve. That was why that kind of living from photography was, no more, a great pleasure. It was just a job. Some things, life, and the world appointed me,  in the right moment, to a wedding. By mere chance. And how I improvised. On that day, better, some days after, because I did not know what was happening to me in that day, I decided, as an irrevocable order, to be a wedding photographer from that day on. I had, in the front of me, without a draw, the choice of deciding which perspective, angle, or distance to the best solution for the capture of the moment, in the front of my eyes.

But do not think that it is chaotic. Far away from that. And it is not possible to be. But it is exactly that organized freedom of choice that gives me all the energy necessary from the first click of the day of the wedding, and makes me, in end, feel the mission accomplished. The photo from Maria could not exist. Maria acted, the wedding photographer reacted and the photo happened. Improvisation.


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