The bride arrives, with her father, next to the groom, smiling, at the church for the ceremony seen by the wedding photographer in the Algarve.

The wedding photographer in Portugal about the wedding photographer


The bride arrives, with her father, next to the groom, smiling, at the church for the ceremony seen by the wedding photographer in the Algarve.

Before continuing, I should clarify that, in the same way, I have fun, as you may have noticed, being a wedding photographer, I also have fun when I write for this blog, which has the function of showing the things I do as such, the photographer. The only difference is that here, I have a greater tendency for fantasy. Sometimes I don’t hold back on descriptions that may question the wedding photographer’s suitability, something he doesn’t seem to care much about as long as he doesn’t have to worry about wasting time on writing, because he, like the one in the joke, is more about cakes, weddings. Hence, as long as I am true to the truth that he makes a point of not skipping his work and doesn’t cross reasonable boundaries, let me makeup, or, rather, exaggerate his adventures on wedding days which, for him, is serious work.

But I ask you to understand. I have to write twice a week about his wanderings, about his brides and grooms, the ceremonies where he is with them, the parties where they have fun, and repeat, repeat, and repeat. No matter how much writer’s imagination I had, there wouldn’t be the patience to keep writing the same thing over and over again, save their names, the names of the groomsmen, the place where they got married, and where they decided to…party. A wedding is a wedding. Full stop. Well, I hope he doesn’t read these last two lines, or he’ll take away my quill and never let me write another letter, let alone a paragraph. Yes, I know, every wedding is different because no two people are the same, the way everyone interacts is always different, the light is never in the same state of mind and the wedding photographer has enough imagination, and knowledge, not to repeat himself in the same tricks to catch the pictures that usually love weddings.

I know. It’s because of that that I also give myself the right to exaggerate a little. They say that literature does that, that it talks about reality but doesn’t exactly copy it. Well, if people who write literature do that, why can’t I, a poor wedding photographer’s blogger, do it? Oh, come on. As long as I don’t offend anyone, right? And then, where will I find the imagination, without giving it away, for such a set of more than four hundred words, as the experts say a text like this should have? There, I was trying to make you understand why, sometimes, I have a certain tendency to exaggerate, to frame, to embellish with certain writing techniques the work and the adventures of the wedding photographer. Firstly, because if it’s not an adventure it’s not funny at all, and secondly, if it is, sometimes it has to be epic. In fact, it’s not a lie at all.

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