The wedding photographer open eye


Sometimes, I already wrote here about the ability to improvise, the wedding photographer must find the best points of view for what he wants to photograph. I explain: we have a room with four walls a door and a window. From that window, comes a very intense amount of light that irradiates very irregularly through the entire room and is not so friendly for the eyes of my cameras, very different from human eyes.

So, the wedding photographer must decide what is the best light direction so that my camera does not complain. At the same time, there is the action to catch that, sometimes, unfold in the opposed direction. He must, quick as he can, because the action does not wait for him, find the best point of view, the place that delivers the best framework, for what is the result he needs. Finally, and just a glimpse before the triggering moment, verify the composition, how everything is in place in the frame, and…done.

Ah… and everything is done just between two beats as if it was a jazz play never stopping and always improvising.  That is why I like to compare the work of the wedding photographers with the ability to improvise like the jazz musicians, tuned, with harmony, and, always, in time. I am no doubt of that.

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