The work of the photographer


We live in a world where photography has become so present that we can lose the sense of its most noble use. Creating images is far from triviality. It seems to me that a good photo, today, can be lost in the unmeasurable that it will be part of after the universalization of the internet where it will appear…or not.

Every time I will go to photograph a wedding I have obligation to be always faithful to me. Not by vanity, arrogance, or because I am better than the others that have the same trade, but because every photo I do must have my mark. It is my duty to me and, by consequence, to my clients. That these personal marks, identifying my work, must be carved in all the photos I do in the matter that it could be verified by those who already know what I am doing.

It is hard to do today because these times deliver amounts of photos and to achieve a personal identification it must be a result of a micro personalization which, as I see it, I must protect always with an open mind but proud with my own legacy as a wedding photographer.

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