Filha do noivo, junto da sua avó, observam o noivo a preparar-se para a cerimónia, vistas pelo fotógrafo de casamento.

There is always another photo


Groom's daughter, with her grandmother, watch the groom getting ready for the ceremony, viewed by the wedding photographer.

Or, just watching. That could be the name of this photo. Daughter and mother, or better, granddaughter and grandma or, confused? …The mother of the groom and the daughter of the groom observe him get ready, for the great day and they can not stay out of the story.

The wedding photographer, in those moments with the groom, does not have him as the only subject. Around him there are people that deserve his attention and, in the corner of his eye, once in a while, he picks up some other characters for the memory of the main ones. In the end, this day is just one more of a family life full of affection and friends.

That is why the wedding photographer, with his suspicious mind, is always looking around at the other actors bringing to the first place all those that could be forgotten if it was not his attention. Exactly as if they were the main ones. So was this one.

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