There is always time to photograph, even if the photographer has no time, before the wedding ceremony


It is almost done. Those are the final pampering just before leaving for the ceremony. Everything is never completely ready at this final touch with the bride. The wedding photographer, also, must find some time to the pumper, photographically with portraits, a bride already with fringe nerves, see if nothing is missing, where are the rings, do not forget the flowers and the wedding photographer take advantage until, also him, do not have time for more.

Maybe because it is a part of the process, but to stay some moments with the bride, or the groom, before leaving and knowing that I will never find those relaxed faces, the anticipation of important events will make me be as fast as I can, and my adrenaline impose me to do everything to make it happen. Nevertheless, doing fast is an exercise that can not be missed and some portraits are done, also.

So, when there is commitment, everything is possible and it is done. We can go on, but still, need the entry into the car and only after the wedding photographer become an American movie driver, being fast than the bride and, now, it is him that become more anxious, because, in the way, he finds envious people that do not let him go fast, until the ceremony place.  But, because he is persistent, at times here he is and, as fast he can lock the door of the car, the camera is already in the eye, because the photos are around.

Bride in conversation with her mother seen through a half open door.
Mother of the bride putting her earrings when almost ready for the ceremony.
Bride, smiling, seated with the hands crossed on the lap.
Bride smiling, in a portrait, at the moment to go out for the wedding ceremony.
Bride, in a black and white portrait, ready to go to the ceremony.

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