This is a wedding photo


These hands does not belong to the bride neither the neck is from the groom. But it is a wedding photo. And if it was made by request, I am sure, does not end so well.  That is why it is born from the method which give me more security in the cover of the wedding and with the most absolutely truth: wedding photojournalism.  I know I am not a photojournalist from the news that bring to us those events from the real, and sometimes very hard, life around the world with photos that make us to rethink our life and our view of the world. Those photographers, sometime with the risk of their life, will go there where nobody want to go and bring to us the news that, most of the times are so different from roses of our back yard. And tose photographers I admire and respect.

But, because I respect them, I will use their method of work of not doing part of the action and as observer at a near distance, in a way to not be part, and not far enough to not understand what is happening. I try do have attention, to be fast in the event and observe the things nobody in the party is positioned do look and, using the little rectangle in the front of my right eye, catch that moment to some sort of eternity that photography can do and, in the fure, someone will observe with some delight, I hope.

In fact, and thinking a bit, I am a sort of a moments thief which I pick up inside my bag of treasures and, after, like Robin Wood, I will devolve to someone that will need that moment again, because it was a glimpse of someone life in some piece of time in this universe. I just hope that the viewer will feel the same sincere truth of these hands around the neck that they have chosen. If this is truth I will go as a wedding photographer, yes I will.

De um casamento na Quinta da Serra em Sintra

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