This photography of the father of the bride


I, already, wrote here about the velocity that things go on at the wedding day. Where all the qualities of the wedding photographer, like speed in the reaction or the accuracy of the looking around easy can overload the wedding photographer. Believe me. But not with this father of the bride. Since the moment he sit down in that chair until the moment to congratulate his beloved daughter for her new stage of her life, after the ceremony, this captivated father of the bride was all the time like this. So captivated that I never taked a risk of never catch him like this again and not photograph  that enchanted smile in the face of that father of the bride at that afternoon in Nazaré.

With the frenzy about photograph everything and almost everybody, every time my photography camera turn to the father of the bride in that afternoon in Nazaré there was that angelic smile, as if all the joyfulness in the world was seat down in that chair in that afternoon in Nazaré. And it was. And it was during the rest of the day as another photos from the wedding photographer can prove it. Like that.

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