Three stages of the bride in photography


I already told her that I love portraits in photography. Better, I love portraits. That is why I never let pass an opportunity to cultivate that when I do wedding photography. However, it is not about my today post but a subject that fascinates me when I trim the photos made on the wedding day. My frenzy does not let me memorize all the photos as I am going to do it. Not because I do it randomly but because I have the tendency to concentrate in the exact moment that I do, not letting space to memorize everything I have just done. Maybe because I am doing what a teacher told me, and to my colleagues, some days before an important exam: always come to the exam with an empty mind. By doing that things come up easier.

When I was trimming some photos to today’s post, I remembered that and, in fact, I am surprised, many times, with photos that I do not remember the moment I took them. Happily, I surprise myself a lot, that is good because this tells me that I did not make them by chance and I can go find more because, I know, much more will come.

It is a simple photographic example of time. Three photos from three different moments in the day of a bride. But this means, at the same time that those photos also belong to three moments from the wedding photographer as somebody that feel, every day, the responsibility to be truthful.

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