Timeless in wedding photography


Timeless. As time goes on I chose that word to define the way I see my work. Like this photo. Timeless, in the sense that it will resist the passing of time. I am sure that 50 years from now still will be considered a beautiful photo. Sofia´s merit but I like the idea that my photos will resist through time.

Timeless, because it could be done several years before. It is not my interest to make them as if I belong to a photographic movement with some characteristics that could define those photos. That is why I like very much the idea of timelessness but with the lack of photographic movement style. I will love that day in the future, that an isolated photo of mine could be identified as…mine. At least I try, always, to achieve that.

But it does not worth photographing a wedding day if we are, all the time, thinking about our style.  The main rule is the delivery of the same effort to all the moments that succeed all the time, having the joy of catching a piece of time, stealing that smile that it was, right at that moment, that smile. That is, really, my appointment as a wedding photographer.

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