Times are changing…


Since I remember I appreciate technological gadgets and I have some “toys” that do not belong to photography. But, I must say, the new communication toys do not appeal to me. To me, the car only serves to take me from one place to another and make my life easier and the cellphone, it just …to phone.  I still remember that old phone with a round disc with holes just to call someone or answer when ringing that telluric bell. The smartphone is just for that. 

But do not think that I do not have my gadgets or toys. Yes, I do, with my music pleasures but this is a wedding photographer blog and you do not care about the crazy things a hi-fi can do for you. Subject for another kind of blog.

I remember talking about that because the new phones, called smartphones, can do so many things that changed everybody’s habits only in a few years. But I just want to talk about the photographic function of those inseparable devices, almost as an extension of ourselves. Smartphones and wedding photographers do not live well in the same space. At our today weddings, it is all the time running away from stretchy arms with square displays as if a new kind of forest was invented to difficult the life of the poor wedding photographers. When I just found the place, eyes on the viewfinder, ready to photograph and…a big smartphone in the front of the lens from a happy… photographer guest. Arrrggg!!…

Because I am not an ill feeling person and revenge is good for action movies,  if you can not fight them, join them. So, because there is not a lack of opportunities, I try to put my attention in that stretched arms as glowing fireflies and or use the monitor itself that my lens like to isolate or photograph the selfies or the small groups being photographed by a smartphone. I must say that the smartphone is a wonderfully easy to use for photography but I prefer, all the time, my big cameras and heavy lens. Well…a wedding photographer thing.


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