Under the eyes


It is a duty of the wedding photographer to deliver photos that must be the truth of the event and, at the same time, transform them in a aesthetic object  that excel and give to the photo something more than just a record of the event. 

This is about this photography that I like very much. However it was a result of a very fast moment and in peculiar conditions. I was, really, smashed to the background wall with no get back possibility. So, I felt the need to photograph but the lens I had in the camera was a bit narrow , and with no time to change it, and moments will change without notice. So, I can not explain how, but the wall decided to be my friend and ,it seems, become elastic and the lens, it seems, opened a little bit the angle and the ring moment of the bride and groom, which are also parents, with the daughter asking herself what was happening here, found place in the sensor of my camera, with receiving hands and, at the same time, protector hands.

Photos like this, show me the importance of being the wedding photographer in the one day life of a couple and the surrounding loving ones. One of this days I will show some more.

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