Unexpected moments for a photographer in a wedding day


There are happenings that delight me. One of them is to find, without knowing it, a new habit coming from other places and cultures, and find it in the front of me to transform in photographies in the wedding day. That, when you photograph a wedding  with people coming from far way places, it is something that can happen without anything being told to us in advance. Between the amazement to see and understand, and the amazement stop the movement, and the need to react fast there is a glimpse of inaction that in nothing avoid from doing the work properly. 

And there it is, it is fast and not always the light come right. But, I do not know why, in that moment I am committed by a frenzy so fast than I can realize I am doing what I must. I know that wedding photographers have this things and they do not know from where they come. But, they help in the right moment when they are most needed.

That is true, that is for what they are charged on the wedding day. However, being wedding photographer, does not mean that you know everything to everything, but I can not stop to delight myself when I delivered in the detection, observation and acted right to that photo in the front of me. It is always a renewed taste.

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