Unexpected photos in the wedding


It is evident that the main subjects of the wedding photographer, during all day, are the bride and the groom. They offer, through the several stages, all the necessary photos to bring the memory of the day, that they chose to be today.

As the landscape photographer know, surrounding the beautiful pine tree with all the attributes to be chosen for a photo we can see an all landscape that, also, will be object of attention of the cameras. The exact same way, by the corner of the eye, the wedding photographer find those secondary characters, not less important, that in the precise moment drive the photographer to a fast rotation to a not expected photo.

That was this photo. Seated in the corner of the room the bride best friend compel the photographer to a fast sit down in the floor, to the best point of view, and, almost not noticed, a new photo was taked to the Ulrica´s memory album. It is like that to be wedding photographer. Easy. Well….

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