Variations around a portrait in a wedding by the photographer.


Variations. We can find that in music very often and they are a challenge to a composer around a theme and find all the countless possibilities. The painters, also, like to do that and they paint and repaint the same subject, changing the colors and tones, the shapes, the textures, the light until they are tired and stop. The wedding photographers are no different.

In the session with the couple, several times, I find myself doing the same. I can find more than one reason to do that. Because I want, because I like to explore all the variations that the couple can offer me, because the surroundings move me to redo from another point of view, because we are in a very limited space to diversify or all at the same time as a pretext for the wedding photographer.

I went to do weddings for two reasons. One is to be able to earn a living. But the real motivation was the possibility to photograph portraits without the need to contract models or boring someone with my own pleasure. At the weddings the portrait is a part, I do not have to convince someone, they just go with me and with pleasure. What other thing I could do if not a wedding photographer?

Bride and groom seated inside the Alandroal castle.
Bride and groom seen from the front inside the castle of Alandroal.
Bride and groom playing together, seated, in the castle of Alandroal.
Bride and groom looking in front in the wedding photo session.

Photos from the bride and groom at Castelo do Alandroal.

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