Weather, weddings and how the photographer takes advantage


In a wedding, there is one thing that the wedding photographer can not control, weather conditions. When I am leaving I never know the weather I will find, even if I take a look at the weather forecast, especially if the weddings happen early or late in the season that we love, always, sunny and pleasant. That is why I leave with the mind open and ready for any surprise, that nature reserves for that day.

So, it can rain, wind, a hot hot day or some shy fog and the wedding photographer only can go on and try to incorporate in his photos all the mood, that those weather conditions can offer to his work even if, in that day, he will find an angry and jealous day and not make the life easier for that small community, that got together to celebrate.

Fortunately, I never found a situation so radical that prevent the event to happen. Most of the situations that I have found, as a wedding photographer, only served to better frame the happening in my photos and make them more unique. That is one thing I love, finding unusual situations to better tell the story of the day. So, because of that, I will never worry about the so-called, weather conditions.

Bride going out of the car, for the wedding ceremony under an umbrella.
Bride and family running for the church under the rain.
Bride, seated, with guests tacking care of her because the rain.

Photos from a wedding in Convento de Mafra.

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