Under the orange trees, the bride and groom stroll, looking at each other in conversation, by the wedding photographer in Guarda.

Wedding at Hotel Lusitania in Guarda

Under the orange trees, the bride and groom stroll, looking at each other in conversation, by the wedding photographer in Guarda.

After that beautiful afternoon in the streets of the city of Guarda and a night of rest, the morning was shining, but smelling some night rain, we started our day with Ana with hair and make-up and, after, a visit to Francisco’s house.

Back, right in the center of the Guarda, the home of Ana’s parents where the bride was dressing for that intense day, emotional and cheerful. All at the same time and in a sequence that this modest wedding photographer will arrange to go accompanying and photographing.

A few meters below is the church, chosen for the ceremony, from the heart of Ana’s family. The ceremony was beautiful and exciting as can be noticed by the photos. One of my main attentions, while I cover a wedding ceremony, is to be attentive to the relationship of the couple over time and how the state of mind evolves through the ceremony.

Once husband and wife went to the Hotel Lusitania in Guarda where a beautiful well-decorated dining room awaited us. After the rain that did not come, after all, in the gardens of the hotel, the wedding photographer did the session with Ana and Francisco and the night was a party, celebration, and great conviviality between the family and friends of this adorable couple.

The groom, at his parents' house, wearing his suit for the wedding.
The groom's mother putting on his tie.
After getting dressed for the wedding, the mother gives the groom a kiss.
Seen through a crack in a door, the groom tightens his tie.
Sitting with one arm on the back of the chair, the groom in a black and white portrait.
Painting the bride's eyes.
Bride, with a bow in her hair, in makeup.
Painting the bride's lips.
The bride's dress hangs on a piece of furniture in her parents' house.
The big bow on the bride's dress.
The bride inside the dress, before buttoning.
The bride seen through the door of the room where she is dressed, already with the dress.
Two female friends button up the bride's dress.
The bride holds the dress while it is buttoned in the back.
In a mirror, the bride puts on her earrings.
Bride looking to the side, seen in a mirror.
Girl at the bride's parents' house plays with a pipe on the table.
The bride with a girl behind a fruit bowl and flowers.
The bride sitting waiting to leave for the wedding ceremony.
The bride, seated, as they put the garter on her leg.
Bride, ready, to leave at her parents' door.
Bride entering the Church of S. Vicente, in Guarda, with her father, among the guests.
The groom greets the bride's father as they arrive at the altar.
The bride, with the groom, in front of the altar of the church of S. Vicente in Guarda.
A boy and a girl sitting on a church step during the wedding ceremony.
The couple between two large lit candles at their wedding ceremony.
With the priest, the couple reads the oaths during the wedding ceremony.
Amid flowers and blurred candles on the church altar, the bride and groom chat during the wedding ceremony.
The groom looks at the bride as she looks ahead, listening to what the priest says, behind two lit candles.
Beneath a cascade of grains of rice, the bride and groom leaving the church.
The very smiling bride, among guests leaving the church of S. Vicente in Guarda.
The groom receives greetings from the guests.
Walking on a street in the garden of the Hotel Lusitania in Guarda, the newly married couple holding hands.
Viewed from a low plane by the wedding photographers, the bride and groom look at him.
The bride sitting on the side of the path between the trees in the garden of the Hotel Lusitania, in Guarda.
Portrait of the groom looking straight ahead, by the wedding photographer in Guarda.
Sitting on an old staircase in the garden, the bride and groom look to the side.
The bride and groom entering among the guests, in the dining room of the Lusitania hotel.
Sitting at the table, the bride and groom are photographed by guests.
Bride, glass in hand, chats with friends at the wedding party.
The bride, with the groom behind her, makes a sign with her hand, while a guest chooses a gift.
The wedding cakes, decorated with white chocolate shavings and flowers on them.
The groom and the bride cut the wedding cake at a party at the Hotel Lusitania, in Guarda.
Bride and groom dancing among the guests at the wedding party at the Hotel Lusitania.

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