Bride with guests while one takes a selfie in the party at Quinta da Cascata, by the wedding photographer in Mafra.

Wedding at Quinta da Cascata in Mafra

Bride with guests while one takes a selfie in the party at Quinta da Cascata, by the wedding photographer in Mafra.

The last days of August leave the hot days of the Summer behind, and when September walks slowly to the beginning of the fall, the wedding photographer starts to think about the season that enters the final phase. But it is exactly the opposite.

With the last weddings to photograph he has in his hands, still, the photo editor from the last weddings, the design of the albums, the meetings to approval those albums, the meetings to deliver the work already done, the send to the laboratory those that need to be printed, approve the prints in the lab of the albums to be finished, pick up those, accept some ordered photos from the guests, send them to print and pick up them to post for the clients and….wow, it is a lot of things that a wedding photographer do. AH!… and, thankfully, the new meetings for the next clients.

However, I do not know a wedding photographer who, in the field of the wedding day, does not deliver everything he, or she, can to bring the maximum of his knowledge and energy, even at the end of the season. His love for photography and the pleasure, after all that hustle and bustle, of delivering the final work to the no more bride and groom and seeing those smiles hear to hear, happy with the photos that will remember, through time, the best day of their life, their wedding day.

I was like that when I delivered to Margarida and Filipe the album, and all the work, remembering the great party at Quinta da Cascata, near Mafra in Portugal.

Baby, daughter of the bride, on the lap of a relative.
Bride kisses her daughter while she is having her hair done.
Bride, seated, being combed with the hairdresser and a guest sitting and another standing.
Girl, relative of the bride, climbs the stairs with several dresses in hand.
The baby, daughter of the bride, sitting on a friend's lap.
The bride looks at her hand, which has something for her to see.
Baby girl crawling and laughing
The bride reacts with something unexpected.
Time to paint the bride's eyes.
Mirror with bride and hairdresser.
Mother of the bride and friends help tighten the dress.
Baby girl being dressed for the wedding.
Mother and bride clap to amuse their baby daughter.
Bride and bridesmaids from the back, walking down the road with the branches in the air.
The groom with his mother on their way to the church altar for the wedding ceremony.
The groom, already in his place, next to the church altar, with a large crucifix in the background.
The bride waits in the car before leaving for the interior of the church.
The bride with the bridesmaids on their way to the church entrance.
Girls, with baskets full of flower petals, enter the church.
The bride and groom's daughter, still a baby, carried by two hands while she sleeps in her chair.
Bride enters the church with her father and grandfather.
The bride and groom at the altar in front of the priest with the guests behind.
Guest at the wedding with her two daughters in her arms.
A boy, in the midst of his parents, attends the wedding ceremony.
Bride, in church, under orange light.
The groom among golden colors at the wedding ceremony.
Family, parents and three daughters, seated, watch the wedding ceremony.
Boy sitting in the midst of guests attending the wedding ceremony.
Bride and groom, side by side, in church during their wedding.
Bride surrounded by golden light.
The couple, being married, while listening to the priest.
The bride's father listens to the homily.
The bride and groom's daughter, still a baby, was very satisfied.
Grooms laugh at the priest.
The groom reads the marriage oath.
The rings, in wooden boxes, in the hands of the girl who takes them to the altar.
Bride at the moment of putting the ring on the finger of the groom.
Bride with her daughter on her lap before the christening.
Satisfied wedding guest as she watches the ceremony.
The baby receives the first rites of her christening by her godfather.
The baby, at her christening, touches the priest's hand.
Bride's hands as she signs the wedding document.
The bride and groom leave the church under flower petals.
Happy-looking bride hugs a friend.
The groom, looking happy, leaves the church after the wedding ceremony.
The bride with her bouquet in her hand receives congratulations.
Bride and groom pose for someone to take a picture of them.
Groom talks to guests at his wedding.
Church square with guests and VW Beetle in the foreground.
Bride, with a bunch of flowers in her hand, hugs a guest as she leaves the church.
The newlyweds at the VW Carocha to head to Quinta da Cascata in Mafra.
The bride and groom arrive at Quinta da Cascata, near Mafra, in the midst of many guests.
Quinta da Cascata garden with guests having a snack and socializing.
Quinta da Cascata in wide view with all the trees and garden, full of wedding guests.
Sheet of paper, held by a spring, indicating the places at the wedding meal tables.
Two roses in a floral arrangement on one of the wedding meal tables.
Bride leaning against groom in photo shoot.
The bride and groom on a small bridge, in the garden of Quinta da Cascata.
Groom sitting on a chair in the garden, with the bride on his lap.
The bride under a warm late-afternoon light, leaning against a wooden wall.
Bride on blurred trees background.
The bride's bouquet on a table.
Groom with hands in his pockets.
The laughing bride is already seated at the dining table.
Wedding decoration with paper heart and basket with flowers and the caption kiss me.
The newlyweds' baby girl bites the nose of her mother, the bride.
Boy talks to adult, sitting in the wedding dining room.
Wedding dining room seen through a mirror.
Wedding guest talks with groom.
Newly married, hugging, with reflection in a mirror.
Newlyweds, sitting on the floor, with their guests watching a movie about them.
Girl, wedding guest, sitting, watching the movie about the bride and groom.
She girl eating candy while watching the movie about the bride and groom.
Boy very attentive to the film of the bride and groom.
Guest laughing, along with another guest.
Two sisters, facing backwards as they watch the movie about the newlywed couple.
Lady, sitting and hand under her chin while watching, attentively, the video of the couple who just got married.
Wedding guest peeks in to get a better look at the film.
A wedding guest affectionately hugs another.
Daughter with her head resting on her father's shoulder at the end of the wedding party.
The newlyweds at the first dance and opening of the wedding party floor.
Grooms, in the living room, opening the dance with two girls imitating them.
The bride dances in defiance with a friend.
Guests dance laughing with another on their back.
Girl in the midst of those dancing at the wedding feast.
Invite is embraced by the bride.
Groom looking at another person with glass in hand.
The groom dances with a guest.
Wedding guests do dance choreography.
The couple, lit by golden lights, on their way to cutting the cake.
At the time of cutting the wedding cake to offer to all your guests.
Wedding guest kisses bride as she distributes gifts.
The bouquet hits the ceiling of the wedding party room, for the singles ladies present there.
The bride's father dances with his daughter.

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