Wedding at Quinta da Cascata in Mafra

The last days of August leave the hot days of the Summer behind, and when September walk slowly to the begin of the fall, the wedding photographer start to think about the season that enter in the final fase. But it is exactly the opposite. With the last weddings to photograph he have in hands, still, the photo edition from the last weddings, the design of the albums, the meetings to approval those albums, the meetings to deliver the work already done, the send to the laboratory those who need to be printed, aprove the prints in the lab of the albums to be finished, pick up those, accept some ordered photos from the guests, send them to print and pick up them to post for the clients and….wow, it is a lot of things that a wedding photographer do. AH!… and, thankfully, the new meetings for the next clients.

However I do not know a wedding photographer that, in the field in wedding day, does not deliver everything he, or her, can to bring the maximum of is knowledge and energy, even in the end of the season. His love for photography and the pleasure, after all that hustle and bustle, of delivering the final work to the no more bride and groom and seeing those smiles hear to hear, happy with the photos that will remember, through time, the best day of their life, their wedding day.

I was like that when I delivered to Margarida and Filipe the album, and all work, remembering the great party at Quinta da Cascata, near Mafra in Portugal.

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