Sitting in a hedge, the bride and groom looking at each other, in the session with the wedding photographer at Quinta da Hera in Covilhã.

Wedding at Quinta da Hera in Covilhã

Sitting in a hedge, the bride and groom looking at each other, in the session with the wedding photographer at Quinta da Hera in Covilhã.

I’m not a big fan of highways. They may be quicker, but for me, one hour of freeway time seems to me always endless and sleepy. But it’s all psychological and my pleasure to travel ends up solving the subject.

This is about the way to Fundão. I was there to photograph the wedding of Paula and Victor in the beautiful village of Fundão, in the church with the blue ceiling. I follow the A23 that, after Abrantes looks more like one of those roads that lead us to nowhere, because of that so mysterious, doing many kilometers without seeing cities and traveling the high mountains until, after the tunnel of Gardunha, we enter a valley full of beautiful cherry trees and warm people. After this road, I found one of these pathways that made me change, a little, my opinion.

This is how I started the wedding day between people accustomed to the hardness of the mountains and the friendliness of the conviviality. Victor,  from Lisbon in the cold lands, was fortunate on a mild and pleasant day. Paula, in her homeland with her family, was radiant. One of the good things about wedding photographers is to spend the day with different people and that, from land to land and despite the differences in habits, always have in common the joy of the day that gives them, always, the right environment for their photographs.

Paula and Victor in the Matriz Church of Fundão were perfect. Not only by the joy of being there but finally, celebrating their marriage as sharing with their own. After the ceremony, we leave for the beautiful Quinta da Hera in Covilhã allowed me the photos with the couple that we can see below. It’s one of the perfect places for a wedding photographer.

Arriving at the end of the wedding day at Quinta da Hera, glad to have had all these good reasons for those photos, there I went for the rest of the night’s sleep and soon to come back, by the serpent on the high of the mountains and with magnificent morning light, to home.

Paula and Victor, be happy.

Groom, in the mirror, after shaving.
Between her unfocused arms, the groom combing his hair with his fingers.
The groom's mother helps him button up his shirt collar.
In the light coming from the window, the groom is helped by his father with a tie.
Mother's hands, behind, and father's in front, tying the tie correctly.
The groom buttoning his coat in a mirror.
Portrait of the groom as he got ready for the wedding.
Seen through the opening of a half-open door, the groom is seated on a piece of furniture in the living room.
The bride's dress hung by the window, near a table decorated with photographs and flowers.
The bride's bouquet together with the shoes.
The bride's diamond necklace, rolled up.
Mother and sister dress the bride.
The mother of the bride checks that the dress is all right, with the help of her sister, as she looks down.
A detail of hands squeezing the bride's dress.
The bride's sister carefully putting on her earrings.
Bride, sister and friends with her in front of a mirror.
As they try to put on her earrings, the bride laughs a lot, with her sister and a friend.
Bride's face smiling, ready.
The bride among her relatives before leaving for the wedding ceremony.
Bride, standing near guests as she waits to go to church.
The bride, with friends, goes downstairs to go to the wedding ceremony.
Interior of the Igreja Matriz do Fundão with the bride arriving at the altar, together with the groom, with his father.
The bride arrives at the altar of the ceremony, with the groom and the father.
The couple, standing, in the Igreja Matriz do Fundão at the wedding ceremony.
Between two large candles on the altar of the Igreja Matriz do Fundão, the groom and the bride.
Put the rings inside a box and next to the basket that I brought them to the ceremony.
The wedding ring on the bride's finger, just put on.
The bride and groom holding hands at the altar of the Mother Church of Fundão.
Interior of the Igreja Matriz do Fundão, with the priest consecrating the host, with the bride and groom and guests.
The bride and groom in front of the guests inside the church, for the wedding.
The bride's father, very emotional, hugs the couple, after the wedding rings ceremony.
The groom, inside the church, receives greetings from a guest.
With a golden winter light, the bride and groom leave the church amidst many flower petals.
Amidst the many flowers in the Quinta da Hera garden, the newlyweds look at each other.
Between the trunks of a tree in the garden, the bride and groom look at the wedding photographer, in a black and white portrait.
Almost cinematic image of the bride and groom in the garden of Quinta da Hera, in Covilhã.
Sitting opposite the groom on a bench in the garden, the bride looks back smiling at the groom.
Passing a small bridge in the garden, the bride and groom embraced.
Portrait of the groom, in a soft, warm light, sitting on a stone step.
Hand in hand, the bride and groom stroll through Quinta da Hera, in Covilhã.
Bride sitting on an old stone wall, next to two large old carvings.
The bride looks at the floor, next to two old pots, posing for the wedding photographer.
At the wedding party, the groom caresses a guest, close to the bride.
The groom is embraced by a guest with great effusion, along with the bride, as they distribute gifts.
The bride and groom cutting the wedding cake at Quinta da Hera in Covilhã.
Opening the wedding party dance by the bride and groom.
Bride and groom friends in a dance choreography at the wedding party.

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