Leaning over a large antique garden vase of the Quinta das Sentieras in Abrantes, the bride and groom chat, by the wedding photographer.

Wedding at Quinta das Sentieiras in Abrantes

Leaning over a large antique garden vase of the Quinta das Sentieras in Abrantes, the bride and groom chat, by the wedding photographer.

Quinta das Sentieiras in Abrantes, Ribatejo.  Here was the celebration.

But before the family, Margarida with joy and welcome made me at ease to be able to do my job as I like it: photographing the whole day of the wedding without bothering nobody and letting me marry anyone who marries without noticing my presence too much. That’s what wedding photojournalism is about.

From there we left for the beautiful church of S. Vicente in Abrantes right on the top of the hill where Margarida joins Luís for the ceremony. The beautiful interior church, warm pastel tones, and imposing height were wonderful scenery for this wedding photographer always looking for more and better images.

The way to Quinta das Sentieiras was fast and pleasant. Once again the scenery was a must. The ideal environment for wedding photography eternalizes, repeating myself again, the most important day of this couple.

It was a joy to have been there as a person and as a wedding photographer.

Bride and hairdresser's hand with hairdryer doing hairstyle.
Bride's face almost covered by her hair, in the combing phase.
The bride's makeup, in the mirror.
The bride sees, in the mirror, how her hairstyle turned out.
The bride's dress, hanging, seen from below.
Detail of the bride's dress.
The bride's shoes.
Bride, in a dress, with a girl.
A girl squeezes the bride's shoe.
The bride looking down, maybe at her shoes.
Portrait of the bride with decorative birds.
Bride with bouquet in hand next to a girl who is reflected in a mirror.
The bride in the car when she arrives at the church of S. Vicente in Abrantes.
The bride with her father in front of the church of S. Vicente in Abrantes.
The groom enters the church with his mother, heading towards the altar.
The bride in the wing of the Church of S. Vicente, with her father, arriving at the altar.
The bride in front of the altar, hiding the groom.
The groom, the bride and the priest during the wedding celebration.
View of the Church of S. Vicente de Abrantes, with the bride and groom, standing.
The couple, at the wedding ceremony, listening to the homily, by the priest who presides over the ceremony.
The groom, at the wedding ceremony, looking to the side.
Bride looking to the side at the wedding ceremony.
The couple, at the wedding ceremony at the Church of S. Vicente in Abrantes, receive the hosts.
Musician and choir of the wedding ceremony.
The bride and groom leaving the church at the end of the wedding ceremony.
Under clouds of grains of rice, the bride and groom descend the church steps.
Groom receives greetings from a guest.
The bride hugs, at the same time, a couple of friends, as they leave the wedding ceremony.
The groom caresses the bride, smiling.
The bride and groom, in front of guests, walk to the cocktail party.
The bride talks to a friend.
Looking very happy, during the cocktail party, the bride talks to a couple of friends.
Seen from the back, the bride and groom walk through the forest at Quinta das Sentieiras in Abrantes.
The newly married couple, sitting on a bench in the Quinta das Sentieiras garden.
In front of flowering trees, the newlywed couple sitting on a garden bench.
The bride lying on the groom's lap.
The bride and groom drink fresh water from a fountain at Quinta das Sentiras.
In front of the trunk of a very old tree, the wedding couple poses for the wedding photographer.
The bride and groom leaning over a wooden fence at Quinta das Sentieiras.
Bride, with bouquet in hand, looks at the groom with flowers in the lapel of his coat.
The bride and groom, at the same time, give the wedding cake to taste.
The bride and groom among the guests, while distributing gifts.
The bride and groom in the midst of guests while watching a short film about them.
In the middle of the room and with the guests watching, the bride and groom open the dance floor.

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