Together and holding hands, the bride and groom in dance choreography, opening the wedding ball at Quinta do Louredo in Évora.

Wedding at Quinta do Louredo in Évora.


Together and holding hands, the bride and groom in dance choreography, opening the wedding ball at Quinta do Louredo in Évora.

Someone that goes to Alentejo, in the summer, must know how it is. Very high temperatures, dry air, the smell of the straw of the wheat in the fields, already cut, and the buzzers singing all day under the shadow of the leaves of the trees in the Alentejo plain, not worried if someone thinks they are out of tune with all that chorus without a maestro.

That was one of the days when Sofia and Nuno got married. I like it, thirty-eight degrees temperature high, the beauty of the clear blue sky, and the silence of the plane, well, if we forget the buzzers. But that silence is suddenly broken with the preparation of the bride and groom, the last-minute needs, the neighbors wishing to see the bride, the compliments at the end of the ceremony outside the Church, and here we go to Quinta do Louredo where we party for night long. How it was? Well, the wedding photographer was there. Just see the photos. They love them and so do I.

Texto e fotos: Fernando Colaço

The groom's watch on the fabric of the suit.
The groom, still wearing a T-shirt, as he prepares to dress for the wedding.
The groom, among the furniture in the room where he is getting ready for the wedding, looking down, while clenching his shirt cuff.
At the door of a piece of furniture, the groom's mother helps him tie his tie.
The groom, out of focus, with the image of his face in the mirror of the furniture.
After being dressed, the groom receives a caress on the face from his father.
Once ready for the wedding, the groom smiles, in a black and white portrait, for the wedding photographer.
In the mirror the groom smiles, satisfied.
Along with a fan and bouquet, the bride's shoes.
Among the decorative objects in the room, the bride, fan in hand, smiles looking down.
In the mirror and between blurred objects, the bride puts on an earring.
In front of a piece of furniture with a mirror, the bride adjusts her hairstyle.
Near a window the mother of the bride composes the veil she has just placed in her hair.
The bride's mother and godmother help her put on her shoes, sitting on an armchair.
Portrait of the bride next to a blurred image of a saint.
The bride smiles happily in the mirror as the wedding photographer photographs her.
Amidst the plants in the garden of the parents' house, the groom smiles in a portrait.
In the church, the bride and groom, seen from the back, at the altar listening to the priest at the wedding ceremony.
Between son and wife, a wedding guest winks during the wedding ceremony.
Sitting next to each other, with an altar candle in front of them, the couple listen to the priest during his homily at the wedding.
The church altar of the wedding ceremony, surrounded by the officiating priests, the bride and groom and the groomsmen.
The groom, facing the bride, at the wedding oath.
The bride and groom, in the church, sitting and listening to the priest's homily, with all their guests.
Sitting in front of the altar, with an arrangement of flowers in front, the bride and groom look at each other smiling.
Between the bride and guests, the groom embraces a guest who greets him after the wedding ceremony.
The bride, with friends, after the wedding ceremony, who take a selfie.
Between two lines of guests, the bride and groom leave the church, greeted with flower petals.
The groom among the guests after leaving the church, receiving congratulations.
The bride smiles at a guest who, on the way out of the wedding ceremony, congratulates her on the wedding.
The church of the wedding ceremony with the bride and groom and guests.
The groom helps the bride into the car, which will take them to the party at Quinta do Louredo in Évora.
Through the half-open window of the car, the bride looks down as they help her into the dress.
At Quinta do Louredo in Évora, decorative placards with written words, hanging from an olive tree.
In the courtyard of Quinta do Louredo in Évora, the wedding guests socialize.
In the middle of the orange trees at Quinta do Loureiro in Évora, the newlywed couple together and talking to each other.
The bride holds an oleander flower while the groom looks at her, smiling.
Next to a wall with benches at Quinta do Louredo in Évora, the bride and groom pose for the wedding photographer, holding hands.
Embracing the groom from behind, the bride smiles as the two look ahead.
Among the branches of an olive tree At Quinta do Louredo in Évora, the bride smiles when the groom looks at her.
The groom, sitting on a wall at Quinta do Louredo in Évora, the groom smiles during the session with the wedding photographer.
Bride, standing, smiling, in a space at Quinta do Louredo in Évora.
Sitting together on the stairs at the entrance to the Quinta do Louredo house, the bride and groom look ahead.
The newlywed couple embraced, in the midst of some wedding guests, paying attention to two musicians.
The bride and groom and a group of wedding guests, embraced.
The bride and groom cutting the wedding cake.
At the time of cutting the wedding cake, the bride and groom raise their glasses with champagne, toasting the guests.
The newlywed couple looking and playing with a baby in his stroller, together with his parents at the wedding meal table.
During the wedding meal at Quinta do Loureiro in Évora, the bride talks to a guest.
Wedding guests, sitting and standing, looking straight ahead when something happens.
A wedding guest, in the midst of two friends, looks forward to the bride and groom opening the wedding dance.
The couple opening the wedding dance, in a choreography.
The bride dancing at the opening of the wedding ball.
The groom with open arms, in front of friends in a dance at the wedding party at Quinta do Louredo in Évora.
The dining room of the Quinta do Louredo wedding in Évora, with the guests seated watching the dance choreography of the bride and groom and some friends.
Wedding guest, fan in hand, dancing in the middle of two others with straw hats on their heads.
During the wedding feast the groom at the moment is going to be hugged by a friend.
Three ladies, standing in the midst of other guests seated at the table, chat while watching a choreography at the wedding reception.
A child, with his parents in the midst of the other wedding guests, dancing.
The bride and groom among other wedding guests, dancing under blue lights.

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