Wedding at quinta dos lagos in Leiria

The bride and groom leaving the church under a shower of small sheets of white paper, by the wedding photographer in Leiria.

It was, without a doubt, the most physically painful marriage that this wedding photographer did until today, not because it had cost me, quite the opposite, but because it was physically very hard to do.

Departure on the day before to the groom’s house, Celestino, in Pardilhó near Estarreja. On the way I began to fear for the next day when the rain began to burst, first slowly, the one that makes us nervous because even if the windscreen wiper does not need to be always on, if not, we start to get ultra-progressive myopia and we fail to see the road without almost realizing it. Then, strong and persistent, the man on the radio said that the next day would be what awaited us. Despite wet marriage blessed marriage, I doubt that the photographers who are in the next day in charge of writing with light those weddings did not find a great joke to that.

However, the next morning, very early, was revealed a nice light after rain, clean, luminous, and everything was of good augury to the wedding photographer for the rest of the day, as it happened at the house of the father of Celestino that was a great quality setting for what awaited us.

The problem is that the bride and all the rest of the day we’re still a few more good kilometers below from here, running on the freeway which is something that does not give me great satisfaction in driving. I prefer, by far, the slow but dynamic regular roads to the monotonic fast highways of the GPS lady.

Arriving at Leiria we were very well received by the bride’s family, Vanessa, where my right indicator clicking was awarded for the photos you can see down in the post.

The ceremony in the beautiful mother church of the Caranguejeira village and the party at Quinta dos Lagos with guests very happy and enjoying the party and, after all, the day was quick with Vanessa and Celestino.

On the way home, a few miles ahead, after all, it seemed like it did not cost the wedding photographer that much. Maybe because people say that if you like it it does not cost you? Maybe!…

Groom's belt, rolled up, over his waistcoat.
Groom paying attention to the buttoning of the shirt cuff.
The groom in a mirror preparing his shirt collar for a tie.
The groom, with his back turned out of focus, and seeing himself in the mirror putting on his tie.
Groom, standing, in front of a mirror on the wall, above a piece of furniture.
The groom's sister helps him fasten his shirt cufflinks.
The groom's sister and he, looking at themselves in the mirror at the end of dressing for the wedding ceremony.
The groom and sister in conversation after the groom is ready for the wedding ceremony.
Portrait of the groom with his sister by a window with flowers on the windowsill.
The groom at his parents' house.
Portrait of the groom in the garden of his parents' house.
Portrait of the groom.
The groom on an old pedal bike.
Bride with her head on a make-up pillow.
Bride, sitting, while her eyes are painted.
Detail of the lace of the bride's dress for the wedding.
The bride's shoes near the dress.
Bride, smiling, with the hairdresser.
Pulling the bride's hair into her hairstyle.
The bride's brother takes a picture of her.
In between blurs, the bride while her dress is buttoned.
The bride sees herself in the mirror and the mother buttons her dress.
Putting on the earrings for the wedding.
Detail of hands squeezing the bride's dress.
Ready, with a veil in her hair, the bride looks at herself in the mirror.
Smiling bride.
In a mirror, the bride with the bouquet in her hand.
Among flowers, out of focus, the bride smiles.
The bride descends the stairs of the house to leave for the wedding ceremony.
Inside the car the bride talking to someone.
The groom enters the Church with his baby son in his arms.
The church door as the bride enters.
The Matriz da Caranguejeira church with all those who are at the wedding.
Bride and groom in front of the priest, next to the church altar.
The bride and groom seated in front of the priest and in the midst of guests.
The bride smiles during the wedding ceremony.
Boy, sitting in the Igreja Matriz da Caranguejeira, looking at the ceiling.
The groom attentively at the wedding ceremony.
The bride, together with the groom, reads the marriage oath.
Bride and groom smiling in front of the priest at the Igreja Matriz da Caranguejeira.
The bride and groom together at the altar at the end of the wedding ceremony.
As they leave the church, the bride talks.
The bride entering a car full of shades of blue.
The groom in the car leaving for the wedding feast.
The bride and groom enter Quinta dos Lagos in Leiria.
The groom opens a bottle of champagne, with the bride at his side and musicians behind.
The groom while talking to someone at the wedding.
The bride and groom, side by side, paying attention to something.
The bride and groom applaud something that happened at the reception at Quintas dos Lagos in Leiria.
The bride, sitting among the plants in the Quinta dos Lagos garden.
Bride with the groom beside her.
Laughing bride, with the groom next to her, behind her and holding hands.
Between the hedges of the Quinta dos Lagos garden in Leiria, the bride and groom laugh.
Bride and groom in the garden, leaning against a garden hedge.
The newlywed couple over a dark red wall.
The groom gives the bride a scented flower in the garden.
Bride and groom hugging the bride laughing a lot.
Among the trees in the garden, the bride and groom in a black and white photograph.
The bride and groom enter the wedding meal room together.
Among the guests, the bride's parents during the beginning of the ball.
The groom, with huge blue glasses, giving an interview at the wedding.
Bride and groom singing with a band.
The bride singing at her wedding reception.
The wedding cake, on a decorated table at Quinta dos Lagos in Leiria.
In a shower of fireworks, the groom calls the bride.
The bride and groom kiss, while tears of light fall around them.
The bride and groom cutting the wedding cake.

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