Bride leans against the groom who holds her from behind, in the session with the wedding photographer at Quinta Madredeus.

Wedding at Quinta Madredeus in Sintra

Bride leans against the groom who holds her from behind, in the session with the wedding photographer at Quinta Madredeus.

Sintra is, undoubtedly, one of the places that best serves to host the wedding celebration of any couple. The always pure air and the involvement of the Serra open the spirit in a natural way for the feast and celebration.

Leila and Bruno chose the Quinta Madredeus. From an early age, Serra de Sintra was present in the eyes and in the spirit of this couple. As mountain cyclists, they have in the Serra de Sintra one of its own natural elements. Wedding photographer, as I consider myself, and practicing photojournalism I can take advantage of the free and authentic environment that is offered to me in places like that.

It’s a little redundant to write here that was a very happy day, because it was, that it was a great party because it was. Can you get a wedding day, whoever you are, not like that?

I just wish my wedding photographs had done justice to such a magnificent day. Thank you both.

The groom presses the buttons on his shirt.
By an opening of a door, the groom in his preparation for the wedding.
In the mirror, the groom tightens his shirt collar.
Black and white portrait of the groom, after ready.
The groom leaning on a table.
Groom in portrait at the window of the house.
Bride, at the hairdresser, with a lock of hair in front of her face.
The bride smiles, in a circular mirror in the hairdresser's.
Putting mascara on the bride's eyelashes.
Detail of the bride's dress.
In a mirror, the bride putting on her dress with the help of her mother.
The mother of the bride tightens her daughter's dress.
Bride ready with a veil on her head and a bouquet in her hand, in a mirror.
Portrait of the smiling bride with bouquet in hand.
Seen through a doorway, the bride in golden light.
Smiling bride already inside the car
The bride arrives with her father at Quinta Madredeus for the wedding ceremony.
The bride and father arrive at the venue of the wedding ceremony between guests.
The groom during the wedding ceremony.
The bride, veiled on her head, at the wedding ceremony.
The wedding couple, seated, during the wedding ceremony at Quinta Madredeus in Carrascal, Sintra.
The boy hands over the rings.
The groom gives the ring to the bride.
Invited to attend wedding.
The bride and groom leave the wedding ceremony under flower petals among the guests.
The bride, looking happy, receives congratulations.
A guest photographs the bride with a friend at the wedding
The bride and groom chat with guests after the end of the wedding ceremony at Quinta Madredeus.
The couple in a photo session in the garden of Quinta Madredeus.
Through the trees on the farm, the bride and groom look at each other smiling.
Sitting on the floor, the bride and groom talk.
A black and white portrait of the groom.
Black and white portrait of the bride with the veil in her hair.
Sitting on a garden bench, the bride and groom with a fountain and flowers in the background.
The newlywed couple in my garden of flowers at Quinta Madredeus.
At the first dance of the wedding party.
Grooms and friends sing karaoke.
The bride and groom laugh a lot at each other in the midst of guests at the end of a game.
Swapping the champagne glasses, in the toast of the cake cutting.

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