Wedding day in Sintra


I  can count some amount of the weddings that I photographed in Sintra as a place chosen by the bride and groom. But it has been the ceremony or the party. This time, Ulrica and João did chose Sintra for the ceremony at the Church of Santa Maria and Hotel Central to the party. The only problem for the wedding photographer is how to park the car, but that is another subject.

Because of that, I could photograph the wedding from the church to the hotel, walking all the time with the cameras describing all the way the couple did. Something like that only happened once in Alentejo where the groom and the bride crossed the village from home to the church.

As you can see in the photos, the party took over. Since the bride and groom arrived at the place where all the guests expected them, everything that could be arranged in advance, was not. The flux of the guests decided what to photograph not because they decided what to do, but because they just appeal to photography. As just the wedding photographer like it.

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