Wedding guests and portrait


If I told you that I spend photographing the wedding day just because the bride and the groom hired me, I was telling a lie. It is, also, true that I would never photograph a wedding if I was not contracted. Both the affirmations are true and do not override, just complete each other.

However, from all the parts of the day, there is a moment that it is all mine, even if the clients will carry them home. So I love to peek at the guests and I steal, from the bride and groom, a moment to portray them spread over the church benches or the ceremony chairs in the venues. In that stolen time, my portrait lover side comes to me and I try to detach, with some magic work with my lens, some of the guests which I transform into characters that, in some way, show that they belong there and others, wishing to pass to the next stage of the day.

Being a wedding photographer does not set me apart from my portrait lover and, every time it is possible I dress that mask and travel, fast, through this space to my entire satisfaction. I deserve it. Here are some of them.

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