Bride and groom looking to the side along the balustrade of the staircase to Palácio Rocha do Conde de Óbidos, by the wedding photographer in Lisbon.

Wedding in Palácio da Cruz Vermelha in Lisbon


Bride and groom looking to the side along the balustrade of the staircase to Palácio Rocha do Conde de Óbidos, by the wedding photographer in Lisbon.

Cátia and Hugo elected Lisbon as a setting and place to celebrate their marriage.

The ceremony was in the Church of São Domingos in Lisbon with the patine of time and troubles. This church could not be a better metaphor for the beginning of living together: no matter what life brings in difficulties it is always the need to stand up. Even the suffering of this church, an earthquake, and fire, do not prevent ceremonies truncated with the future and the joy of life being celebrated even more intensely and with more sense of its importance.

Crossing Lisbon Baixa and parallel to the Tagus River we arrive at the palace of Rocha do Conde de Óbidos, a suitable place for its internal beauty and location. They never stop from the Port of Lisbon and the blue water ribbon with the bridge in the background to which the Lisboetas, with wide-open smiles, call it Tejo. A floral decoration to match the atmosphere of the palace was very well achieved by Florista Pimenta with the service of Pingo de Mel.

Anyway, everything was provided for a fabulous day, which this humble wedding photographer took advantage of and full belly ( of pictures).

Bride while getting her hair done for the wedding.
A detail of the bride's dress.
The bride's shoes, in a mirror.
The groom putting on his tie.
The groom and hands that fasten his cufflinks.
The groom with his mother, who presses the buttons on his coat.
Groom's face, laughing.
The groom seen through the opening of a door.
Groom leaning against a window ledge.
The bride tests, in the mirror, how to put on the veil.
Bride, in the mirror, while her dress is tightened.
Finishing the bride's make-up, in the mirror.
The bride's bouquet, seen from afar.
Bride, smiling in the mirror, with a tiara in her hair.
The bride walks down the street with her father to the car that takes her to the wedding ceremony.
The bride sitting in the car, with reflections.
The couple, standing at the altar of the church of S. Domingos in Lisbon, with the bride in her hand.
General view of the Church of S. Domingos in Lisbon with bride and groom and wedding guests.
View of the altar area of ​​the monumental Church of S. Domingos in Lisbon, with all the wedding guests.
Bride and groom seated during the wedding ceremony in the church.
Bride, with tiara and veil in her hair.
Groom, attentive, at the wedding ceremony.
Groom, priest and godmother at the altar of the church of S. Domingos in Lisbon.
The bride at the time of vows.
The boy hands over the rings for the ceremony.
Ring on the bride's finger, by the groom.
The couple, standing, listening to the priest, out of the picture.
The priest blesses the couple after the wedding ceremony.
The couple, with blue colors around them, listening to the homily of the priest of the Church of S. Domingos in Lisbon.
Bride's hand signs the seat book in the church.
The couple, holding hands, begin to leave the church at the end of the wedding ceremony.
The groom receives greetings as he leaves the church.
The bride during the greetings of the guests.
The newlyweds enter the library of the Palace of the Red Cross.
Bride sitting at the library table, next to the groom.
Together, the groom and the bride in exchange for affection.
The bride and groom looking at something.
Bride sitting in an antique chair with the groom in the background, blurred.
Groom looks ahead with the bride in the foreground, blurred.
Seen from behind a window, the bride and groom next to an old photograph.
Bride and groom hugging on the stairs near the Palácio da Cruz Vermelha in Lisbon.
Bride leaning against a balustrade, with two street lamps behind.
The bride and groom climb the stairs, seen from behind, on their way to the Palácio da Cruz Vermelha in Lisbon.
With guests, the bride and groom laughing when they saw a movie about them.
With the guests at the back of the room, the bride and groom open the ball.
Bride and single at the wedding, with the bouquet still in the air.

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