Grooms almost kissing under the light that comes from the ceiling of the Adega Regional de Colares, by the Lisbon wedding photographer.

Wedding in Sintra at Adega de Colares

Grooms almost kissing under the light that comes from the ceiling of the Adega Regional de Colares, by the Lisbon wedding photographer.

When my friend Nuno called me to ask, on a Friday, if I could photograph his friend’s wedding ceremony the next day, the answer was immediate. And in next day there I was.

The meeting was at the magnificent winery of Colares where Coisas do Vinho organizes events. The idea would be to do the photos only of the ceremony but the blood of the wedding photographer took over and I was there almost to the end of the party.

This was one of those weddings I really like to photograph. Half Portuguese half of another country. In this case Spain. Needless to say, it was a tough party, those lugs in the hands of the Spanish didn’t stop shaking and my side of the wedding photojournalism took advantage of that, as well.

Fatima and Andre were incredible with delicacy, joy, and communion with their guests and they provided this wedding photographer with moments of great photographic pleasure. Thank you both.

A guitarist and an accordionist liven up the wedding ceremony venue.
The groom with his mother approach the wedding ceremony site.
The groom, laughing a lot, waits for the bride for the wedding ceremony at Adega Regional de Colares.
The bride with her father walks through the Adega Regional de Colares for the wedding ceremony.
The bride arriving at the wedding ceremony table.
The groom kisses the bride's hand when she comes to him for the ceremony.
The musicians at the wedding ceremony.
Bride and groom, seen from the back, sitting at the ceremony table with the musicians.
Bride and Groom exchanging rings.
Wedding guest pays affection to the bride.
The bride and groom with a mother with a child in her arms, during greetings.
The musician at the ceremony and a friend of the groom congratulating him.
Girls with the bride.
Two wedding guests take a selfie.
The bride and groom walk the path between the wedding meal tables.
The bride, at the meal table, looks at the wedding photographer.
The bride in conversation with a guest points to something.
View of the interior of the Adega Regional de Colares with the tables full of wedding guests.
A wedding guest chats with a friend while waving a fan.
The groom with friends, at a table, in a party mood.
The groom, out of focus, takes a picture of three friends.
A boy and a girl next to a large floor lamp.
Bride in conversation.
The newlywed couple at the time of cutting the cake.
Groom talks to a friend with a baby in her arms and a flower in her hair.
The bride and groom together with friends to whom they take a picture.
A wedding guest looking up and with a red flower in her hair.
Grooms, in front of wine barrels at Adega Regional de Colares, are photographed by guests.
Guests at the wedding party take photographs.
Wedding guests socializing at the back of the Adega Regional de Colares.
Wedding guests in conversation while a guest smells a flower.
A couple, at the wedding party, in front of the kites at the Adega Regional de Colares.
The bride kisses the bride in a photo session with the wedding photographer.
The groom hugging the bride from behind.
Two female guests and a wedding guest in conversation.
The bride in conversation, amused, with a friend in the crevice of the wedding.
The newlywed couple within a group of friends in a photograph.
Bride and groom and friends hugging and singing.
The bride's bouquet in the air, in the space of the wedding party, with the single women ready to catch it.
The couple in their first dance, at the opening of their wedding party ball.
A wedding guest makes a face at the person photographing her.
Singer and musicians at the wedding party.
View of the wedding party room at Adega Regional de Colares with guests dancing.

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