Sitting at the church of S. Pedro de Penaferrim altar, the bride and groom look each other photographed by the wedding photographer in Sintra.

Wedding in Sintra at Quinta dos Alfinetes

Sitting at the church of S. Pedro de Penaferrim altar, the bride and groom look each other photographed by the wedding photographer in Sintra.

The marriage took place in a church for which I have a special affection. Firstly by the place: Alto de São Pedro de Sintra. The triumphal entrance for those who are heading to the village of Sintra from the roundabout and climbing the Alameda of the sycamore trees is right on the left, hidden, shy but welcoming. It is the Church of St. Peter of Penaferrim. I always made great pictures there.

Ana and Carlos chose her to give yes. And it was beautiful to see. They were beautiful and happy.

Ana was radiant in the wedding dress of the GRI-gri brides and splendid in Make-Up 2u Makeup, makeup that facilitated the job handing me a bride completely prepared for photography. I strongly advise this. It is Susana Leal and is a delight of a person and a great professional.

From there we cross Sintra and descend to the very well-situated Quinta dos Alfinetes. With a very good atmosphere for conviviality and excellent scenery for the photographs taking the entire hillside of the Serra of Sintra overlooking the Pena Palace.

The bride and groom enjoyed themselves with joy and I, as a service wedding photographer, took the last straw.

Text and photos: Fernando Colaço

Pocket watch on the groom's tie.
Cufflinks over the groom's tie and beside the belt.
The groom wearing his shirt.
During dressing for the wedding, the groom looks to the side.
The groom's sister helps him button up his shirt cufflinks.
The groom adjusts the knot of his tie in the mirror.
The groom's mother, with him, buttoning her wedding suit vest.
The groom, with his father in the background and out of focus, looks at the cuff of his coat.
Hands in pockets, the groom ready for the wedding ceremony.
Portrait of the groom looking forward.
The groom amidst the trees of his parents' orchard.
A detail of the bride's dress.
The bride's dress hung on the bed's canopy, along with a basket of gifts and shoes.
The bride's shoes with inscriptions on the sole.
The bride, scissors in hand, repairs a detail in the wedding dress.
Painting the bride's eyes.
Hands buttoning the bride's dress.
The bride putting on her earrings.
Already dressed and next to her mother, the hairdresser applies a little hairspray to the bride's hair.
Portrait of the bride in pastel tones, in a mirror on the wall.
The bride sitting with the bouquet on the ground.
Bride, through a mirror, in the midst of blur.
The bride gets into a vintage car for the wedding ceremony.
The bride, inside the car, says goodbye to her neighbors as she leaves for the wedding ceremony.
The groom enters the Church of S. Pedro de Penaferrim with his mother in Sintra.
Bride, laughing a lot, when she arrives with the groom, at the altar of the Church of S. Pedro de Penaferrim.
The church of S. Pedro de Penaferrim seen from the inside, full of guests and with the bride and groom at the altar.
Beneath a ball of yellow light, the groom and bride at their wedding ceremony.
Groom, next to a golden light, listens to the priest in the homily.
The couple sitting while listening to the priest in his homily during the wedding.
The groom speaking in the bride's ear during the wedding ceremony.
The bride, with the bouquet in her hand, laughs at the groom at a moment of the wedding ceremony.
The bride, next to the groom, reads the oath before the rings ceremony.
The priest blesses the couple after they are married.
The bride and groom leave the church under a cloud of white petals.
The groom receiving greetings from a wedding guest.
Bride, branch in hand, chats with guest during greetings after the ceremony.
At Quinta dos Alfinetes in Sintra, the groom and the bride next to an old car.
The groom, seated at the wedding meal table, makes a toast with a glass in his hand.
The newly married couple distributes gifts to guests at the party at Quinta dos Alfinetes in Sintra.
The first dance for the opening dance of the wedding party at Quinta dos Alfinetes.
The couple walking down a street between old walls, in Serra de Sintra.
Under the trellis with vines at Quinta dos Alfinetes, the bride and groom share a kiss.
Leaning against the groom, in the garden, the bride caresses him.
In the vine trellis corridor at Quinta dos Alfinetes, the bride leans against the groom and looks at him.
Next to each other, the newlywed couple in the garden.
Smiling bride, with the groom behind, out of focus.
The wedding cake, decorated with roses, at the time of cutting.
The bride and groom cutting the cake at Quinta dos Alfinetes in Sintra.
The bride and groom in front of the guests after the cake has been cut, looking at each other in emotion.

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