The couple returns to the party at Quinta da Cheinha, after the photo shoot with the wedding photographer in Guarda.

Wedding near Guarda in Serra da Estrela


The couple returns to the party at Quinta da Cheinha, after the photo shoot with the wedding photographer in Guarda.

With September coming to the end, with Summer giving place to Autumn in the north of Serra da Estrela a great bustle was beginning. At Menoita, Hélia, and Ricardo were about to start their preparation for the wedding. I will not describe that with words because I am a photojournalist, not a journalist. That is with my lens and cameras that I will describe with quiet and still photos what was happening with mind-blowing speed ( the writer is not an exaggerated person) during the anxious hour after hour before the most important moment of the day: the ceremony at Capela da Menoita.

We know that wedding day is party day and the party has a place to be. Today was Quinta da Cheinha at Pinhel the chosen one by the bride and groom. Once more, the article writer left the place to the wedding photographer, instead of spreading words that never can substitute, the photos.

It was a great day with songs, and dance, and the wedding photographer did well on duty…humm, I think.

Bride in a mirror with inverted image.
Wedding dress in front of blue curtained window and a lamp on a table.
Bouquet of flowers on furniture with marble top.
Groom combs his hair in front of the mirror.
The groom tightens his tie in a mirror image.
The groom's brother hits his tie.
The groom, after dressed for the wedding, sees himself in the mirror.
Portrait of the groom before leaving for the wedding ceremony.
The groom, in black and white, in a doorway.
The groom is cherished by the family moments before leaving for the wedding ceremony.
The bride's sister helps with the straps of the dress.
The bride's two sisters tightening the dress.
Mother and sisters of the bride putting on her earrings.
Bride, seated, fastens her shoe buckle with her mother.
The bride perfuming herself.
The bride talks to a little boy, seated.
Bride, looking away, with one of her sisters.
The bride fastens the veil to her hair with her mother who helps her.
Portrait of the bride, standing, among floral arrangement.
Bride, happy, prepared for the wedding ceremony.
Guests on the street towards the church for the wedding ceremony.
Packages with flowers to throw at the bride and groom at the end of the ceremony.
The groom arrives at the church door with his mother.
The bride with her father and family on their way to church.
The bride arrives near the church.
Girls spread flowers inside the church for the wedding ceremony.
The bride and groom, one with the other, in front of the altar.
Interior of the Church, seen from above, during the wedding ceremony.
Boy, looking annoyed, and a girl sitting by the altar.
Bride and groom, seated at the altar, between lit candles.
The boy of the rings, with the nest that takes them to the ceremony.
The groom is about to deliver the ring to the bride's finger.
Bride puts wedding ring on groom's finger.
The bride and groom with their guests inside the church.
The bride and groom, already after the wedding ceremony, looking at each other.
Bride's sister, in red, next to blue stain.
Bride and groom and guests congratulate each other at the end of the Mass.
The bride and groom smile at each other.
Leaving the Church with the bride and groom under rice and flower petals.
Bride laughing among guests.
Groom hugs guest who congratulates him.
Bride talks to two guests at her wedding, leaving the church.
Bride among guests who embrace, unfocused.
The groom exchanges impressions with a friend.
The bride and groom arrive at Quinta da Cheinha in Pinhel.
The moment when the bride and groom enter the dining room.
Hands and arms of the bride and groom dancing before the start of the wedding meal.
Two female guests laughing while being photographed by someone.
One wedding guest shows something on the cell phone to another.
Seating indicators on the tables, hanging from a tree.
The bride hugs the groom at the photo shoot.
The bride and groom in the woods next to the wedding party venue.
The bride and groom look away from each other.
Bride smiling in the woods.
The bride and groom while strolling through the woods near Quinta da Cheinha.
The wedding couple joined behind their backs during the photo shoot.
When the bride and groom look at each other at the end of a tunnel.
The bride leaning against the groom by a window.
Bride smiles out of the photograph, perhaps at the groom.
The bride sitting among trees with a gate in the background.
Groom sitting on the back of a garden bench with a gate in the background.
Bride and groom looking into each other's eyes as they walk.
Bride sitting on a bicycle while the groom holds her.
Groom, on his knees, in front of the bride with guests taking pictures.
Groom holds bride in his arms as she bends over backwards when dancing.
At the wedding party, guests dance.
Bride and groom dancing among others.
The bride and guests in a dance step.
Collective game during the wedding party.
The groom is carried on shoulders.
Wedding guests with the bride and groom, in a challenge to who sings the loudest.
Boy on his mother's lap with a lady while a movie about the bride and groom is shown.
Cheerful girl, together with other guests.
Girl covers part of her face while watching the movie about the newlyweds.
Bride and groom sitting on chairs with their guests watching a movie on them.
The couple at the time of cutting the wedding cake.
Single lady among the other singles ladies, at the moment she picks up the bride's bouquet.
Wedding guests dancing with colorful wigs.
The bride and groom while dancing a traditional dance, along with a girl looking at them.
Grooms at the end of a game at the end of the wedding party.

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