Wedding near Guarda in Serra da Estrela


With September coming to the end, with Summer giving place to Autumn in the north of Serra da Estrela a great bustle was beginning. At Menoita, Hélia, and Ricardo were about to start their preparation for the wedding. I will not describe that with words because I am a photojournalist, not a journalist. That is with my lens and cameras that I will describe with quiet and still photos what was happening with mind-blowing speed ( the writer is not an exaggerated person) during the anxious hour after hour before the most important moment of the day: the ceremony at Capela da Menoita.

We know that wedding day is party day and the party has a place to be. Today was Quinta da Cheinha at Pinhel the chosen one by the bride and groom. Once more, the article writer let the place to the wedding photographer, instead of spreading words that never can substitute them, the photos.

It was a great day with songs, dance and the wedding photographer did well on duty…humm, I think.

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