Wedding on an Algarve beach, next to the sand


The wedding photographers have nothing to do with the choosing of the place to feast what was celebrated a few hours ago, in a formal ceremony with seated guests, a serious-looking officiant, because it is a grave event, and the bride and groom very focused on their role.  It is something that must be done very carefully, even if there are, always, so many photos around to catch, and nothing must be difficult the party time and the achievement of the photos for the storyteller.

I went to that beach several times to photograph weddings. It is called Praia Grande in Ferragudo and the party place is the Club Nau. But there is something that never leaves me without notice at the end of the day, with the sun already under the sheets to restful sleep, with all that colors only present at that hour, appearing as if they were very shy people and, slowly, became present as if they did not want to be noticed. But the present wedding photographer did it.

I am not a landscape photographer. I, always, find in the people the main reason to photograph, but every time my eyes, trained to see by the corner when doing other things, noticed those colors loved by the wedding photographer cameras, here he goes before it ends and let him go near the couple and guests around them, with all those photos to catch. If I do not do that, they, especially the lens, never let me rest in peace e pay attention to the wedding. But. This time, it is done.

Guests seated in the meal room of the Club Nau in a wedding.
View of Club Nau from the Praia Grande beach at the sunset, in a wedding.
Praia Grande beach in Ferragudo at sunset, viewed from Club Nau during a wedding.

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