Face of the bride as she was being make upped to prepare for the ceremony, by her wedding photographer in Covilhã.

Wedding photographer in Covilhã or a photo catcher at weddings


Face of the bride as she was being make upped to prepare for the ceremony, by her wedding photographer in Covilhã.

Enjoy. It seems that’s what the wedding photographer does all the time, where everyone works and he just has to walk around pretending he’s not there and, every time someone comes in handy, he’s there, one more. I’ve said here many times that photographs aren’t made, they’re taken.

Especially wedding photographs. If the photographer, the one who is paid to be there, because there are always others there, wants to start taking photographs when he least expects it, he already has a hairdresser – sorry Mr. Photographer, that’s how they often call me, but I have to do my work and I still have to meet another bride who is getting married in the afternoon, a make-up artist who tells me that she can’t stop the gesture because otherwise the bride’s eyes get blurred or an aunt who is very offended so I can’t give a kiss to my niece just because you only want to take photographs? That’s all we need.

That, and other things, is why at weddings, they, the photographs, can only be caught.

You just have to pretend that they are butterflies, the kind that had some gentlemen with a cone-shaped net behind them, poor things, and, whenever one of them is getting ready to happen because this is another characteristic of them, of the photographs, is that they are not, they happen and when they happen the wedding photographer has to be smart, run to the right place, which they call the point of view, check the light that is and at the right moment, which is not just any moment, his pointer indicates to his camera that covers his face and makes him invisible as he believes, which is now and that’s it, photograph taken.

It usually works and finds no way to better technique.

So, without any disrespect to any other wedding photographer, I think he, me, is a rare kind of parasite who takes advantage of the photographs that everyone who is being, passing by, and staying at the wedding takes of him.

He is, pure truth, don’t bother to take any. I also don’t understand why he would do that if they’re sitting there, drowning, running, driving or walking, in the sun or in the shade, you can imagine everything. How can the wedding photographer be blamed for such an ugly act if this is how it seems to him that the photos should be taken to be genuine, true, and without impurities of some indication of trying a little more on the side that maybe it looks better?

Now, he just wants to deliver a story of what happened. Like this. Of course, he chooses the place of waiting, where he hides best so that they, the photographs, don’t see him and don’t change their attitude because some of them are very vain and tend to spoil the frame. Okay, this is the wedding photographer’s method.

I hope you enjoy it.

Seen in profile, the bride being styled for her wedding next to the hairdresser pulling her hair with a brush, by the wedding photographer in Covilhã.

The groom's face in the mirror shaving still with shaving foam on his face, seen by the wedding photographer in Covilhã.

The groom with his mother and sister helping him with his coat, when he is ready to go to the ceremony, seen by the wedding photographer in Covilhã.

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