Sónia and Diogo

Under the golden light of the late afternoon sun, the bride and groom, among the trees in the garden, in an almost kiss, laughing with happiness, seen by the wedding photographer in Lisbon, Portugal.

I’ll never forget Sónia and Diogo. They met with me to see if I fulfilled the conditions to be their wedding photographer. I did and everything was agreed. One day they rang me to cancel because an important issue prevented them from getting married that day and that as soon as they could reschedule they would contact me. As in other experiences, I never thought about it again.

One day I received an email telling me that the day had been rescheduled, everything was fine now, and they were counting on me. I couldn’t have been happier. I remember so well the tiny church in Almada where Sónia had been baptized, which, while being renovated, had been cleaned and tidied up as much as possible to welcome them with their family and guests.

Then, at the top of a hill with the Tagus in the background and Lisbon on the other side, they had a party that the wedding photographer took full advantage of until it was time to tidy up and return with the satisfaction of having done so.

Note: after that, I was at the christening of their two boys who also hang out on this blog of a wedding photographer who is grateful for the trust.