Wedding photography by the eye


I started my professional life as photographer with the obligation to show inside spaces in finished buildings just before to start their abilities. Since hotels, offices or stores as if they where vain people dressing brand new clothes.

This work taught me to look, to choose the best perspective, pointing the best escape line to give size and depth and use the elements of the space for the best composition. Even today all that learning comes to me, sometimes even if I do not think about it, when I am trimming the photos to deliver to my clients.

By chance, I remember well the moment I have done these photo. I was with my half tele lens preparing myself to the best point of view to photograph the baby, in his protector basket, when my eyes ordered to my hands to change camera with the wide angle lens and profit the people distribution in the room that could get away quickly. The wedding photographic did it and it worked.

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