Sofia and Nelson


The bride and groom, in the garden of Quinta das Palmeiras in Sintra, looking at each other during their session with the wedding photographer in Lisbon.

When I have a wedding to photograph close to home, it seems to me that I go for something easy and come back from there light on my back and without the fatigue of traveling. However, I always seem to get it wrong. It’s not the trips that tire me out. I notice that I’m talking about good tiredness.

The kind that, once it’s done, it’s done, throws us into the welcoming arms of a sofa and makes us feel light but with the desire to close our eyes because we feel happy to have spent a whole day with other people’s happiness and to have brought it all with us, to show them later. And that tiredness feels so good that the wedding photographer is always eager to get tired again. That’s what happened on Sofia and Nelson’s day at a church in Cascais and Quinta das Palmeiras in Sintra.

It was close to home and I arrived so tired, so tired that I wouldn’t mind doing it again the next day, just to bring back a few more parts that might have been left out. That’s the wedding photographer. Look, if you don’t believe me.