Wedding photography in the woods


When Hélia and Ricardo challenge me to go away to Guarda to photograph their wedding I had no idea about the full day that I would have. I will not tell the full story but I may say that I went to new places in the zone, I only knew the city of Guarda.

One thing that made very happy this wedding photographer was what I found outside, but near, the venue. I do not say that inside Quinta da Cheinha in Pinhel, was no good for wedding photographers, because it is. But, these one have some obsession about woods with old trees, walkways to serve  people, rabbits, partridges and who knows what more, trees with trunks that, with the fantasy of my lens, transform themselves in valuable frames that were a delight to the photographer and to the photographed.

That is true that I have an attraction for this kind of environments because the visual effects that trees, old trunks and leaves can give to my photos. Because of that, every time I have near me such delicacy I never stop to go with my couple and have fun in a great photographic walk inside. It is, also, true that this wedding photographer never saw a fox, a rabbit, a partridge or who knows what more, but I know that they are there, that I know.

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