A wedding at the Mafra Basilica


It was one of these days when we preferred  to be near to a fireplace than face the elements and photograph a wedding. Middle of April, almost low temperature and  rainfall without warning. However do not think that the wedding photographer was whining all the time between photos.

Just the opposite. Adventure is adventure and miss rain did not bored so much after all, only when the poor bride went from the car to the Basilica door. But it was fast and fun. In the way out, probably because madam cloud and sir wind perceived that it was not so nice to spoil the wedding day, we never felt the rain again, the umbrellas did not turn around and all was as it should be.

Marta and Paulo had the day they deserved. At Casa de Reguengos everything was as it should be and the wedding photographer saw everybody leaving the place with the joy of a very well spend day. There are days like that, they start blurry and end rocking. Let it be all the time.

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